(Buildnings shaped by people for people. Exteriors, interiors and details. Whatever I find beautiful.)

Classic cars

(I like very much to go to classic car meetings but I like even better to find a classic car in the street where it belongs. Always trying to find interesting angles and if the owner is nearby I ask for a portrait with the car.)

Empty City

(I am fascinated by pictures of empty cities, big or small. It's a certain feeling to experience the emptiness when people are not around, be it for a while or just some seconds. And it's a photographic challenge.)

Instant portraits

(I like very much to portrait people anywhere I meet them. Friends or strangers all the same. The instant portrait holds a certain charm since they are shot in real life and in a context we both have chosen to be in.)

Portrait sessions

(Portraits in a studio is not my preferred concept. I prefer to make portraits in a context, like the home, workplace or an other environment that is comfortable for the person to be photographed. The context is as important as the person I make a portrait of. I want to catch the character and aura of the person in front of me.)

Street, black&white

(I am very fond of the scenery in public places where people dwell and interact)

Street, colour

(I am very fond of the scenery in public places where people dwell and interact. This album contains my colour street pictures.)

Tribute to William Eggleston

(For some years I have been fascinated by the works of William Eggleston who found himself living in an ugly city (Memphis). So he started photographing the ugly and banal things. When asked he replies that he photographs "life today". So do I here in this album.)

Urban landscapes

(I am a city person and like to take pictures of the cities where humans live and work.)